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Questions concerning our Baby-Doll-Club
How often do new content appear in the club? How can it be recognised?
Updates appear every two weeks. Categories with new content are marked with a "NEW" -logo.
What is the meaning of a "recurring" membership?
Recurring means an automatic extension of the 3 or 1 month subscription-period. The monthly or 3-monthly fee is automatically debited to your account. You may cancel your membership at any time under "Cancel membership"
How discrete is the payment?
There is no connection between the wording on your bill and this internet-offer. The actual wording reads: "Este Media Verlag Nr.###".
Why do I need an email-address when registering?
Your user name will be your email-address to which we will send your password.
Can I enter the club although I do not have a credit card or an account?
Yes. Please find all informations on other payments here
What happens with my personal data entered?
Your information lays encrypted on a non-public german server and will not be passed on to third parties. They will only be saved for our own protection against fraud. Safety and discretion are our promise!
I do not like subscriptions, can I still get access?
Yes, you can, simply cancel right after your registration. Your registration will last until the end of your membership.
Can I become a member although my email can bee seen by others at home or at work?
Yes, you can. Simply register another email-address at any free email service.
Download, saving and printing of pictures?
Use the screenshot method ( PRINT-button at keyboard-centre ) or any free download tool from the internet. These methods are legal if used for private purpose.
Size, quantity and quality of pictures:
Picture resolution is 746 x 560 pixel since December of 2003. Previous series are slightly smaller but are being adapted to the new format month by month.
Every year I publish more than 3600 pictures, i.e. 300 new and never before published pictures month by month!
Are there difficulties when entering the BABY-DOLL-Club by accessing the Internet through AOL?
No, not at all.
I am upset, how can I complain?
If you could not find an answer here please contact webmaster@baby-doll.com
Our customer is king!
How fast do we respond?
Within 48 hours in person, not automatically. Our quality makes the difference!

Problems in the club?
Password forgotten, what can I do?
A new password can be recreated for you and sent to you via eMail. Click on "Forgot Password?", enter your email address and press then "Send".
How do I change a password?
Click on "Change Password", enter your email address and the previous password.
Enter then two times the new password and click on "Send". You will receive a confirmation mail.
Access denied. Although I am a club member I cannot enter. What can I do?
You can check your user status here. When entering your email address you will receive a detailed description of your user status. If this does not answer your question kindly forward the status mail to webmaster@baby-doll.com
New registration denied. What can I do?
After a correct registration you should read the confirmation "Thank you! The payment was successful!" You will also find a confirmation mail with access code and password.
If your registration failed there might be the following reasons:
1) You are under the required age.
2) Your credit-card information is wrong.
3) The email is incorrect. In this case kindly send a short message to webmaster@baby-doll.com. Describe the problem and enter the presumably incorrect email address.
4) Your access has been denied because of unfair behaviour in the past. This will be indicated in the browser-window. To gain new access contact webmaster@baby-doll.com
You can check your user status any time here. When entering your email address you will receive a detailed description of your user status. If this does not answer your question kindly forward the status mail to webmaster@baby-doll.com
I received a confirming mail with login and password, however I still cannot register.
Click on the button "Member access" or "Baby-Doll-Club". The browser will now ask for your email address and your password. Both must be entered EXACTLY as shown in the confirmation email (check small or capital letters or copy and paste them).
When I cancel my membership I receive a future cancellation date. Why is this a later date?
The date indicates the date of expiration. Cancellations are accepted as per our TOB cancellation periods (see here). If your cancellation exceeds this period your membership will automatically be extended for one/three months. This leads to the later date.

Questions about orders and our webshop
To which countries do you deliver?
We deliver to all countries.
I am not at home most of the time, can you deliver to another address?
Yes, we can. Please indicate the delivery address (adding: Attn. Mr. … where possible) in the appropriate box in the checkout. That could be a gas station or a retail shop. We recommend to inform the addressee about the incoming mail.
What is the delivery time? How can I find out?
Items in stock (media, diapers, toys) will be shipped immediately. Clothing made of plastic or latex takes internationally 21 days. If you desire precise information kindly mark your request in the box "Your notice to us" in the checkout. You will receive our precise delivery date.
How can I pay?
- By credit card
- COD: Cash On Delivery, available in some countries, please see following answers on this.
- Cash: for this please send money in registered letter. Currency must be € (EURO).
- Bank transfer: see below for instructions.
How can I transfer money into your account from a foreign country?
Take your banks "Form for International Money Transfer". Clearly mark the payment method with "01" which stands for OUR-payments that do not debit our account with your bank charges. Currency has to be € (EURO). To fill out the remittance you need:
IBAN (int. account No.): DE71 2501 0030 0900 0913 07
BIC (int. Bank code): PBNKDEFF
Account owner: G. Stark
Name & Address of my Bank: Postbank, Goseriede 16, 30159 Hannover, Germany
What countries allow COD (Cash On Delivery) shipments?
European countries except the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Poland and Romania.
What are the shipping charges?
Charges are based on weight and are automatically calculated at the best possible tariff. Charges are shown before purchasing at the checkout.
Where can I see the charges before sending the order?
The checkout shows the charges before sending the order. You will notice how the charges change depending on how you add or erase items. Without any risk you will see the total charges before you order.
Can I exchange goods?
We can only exchange defective or incorrectly delivered merchandise. But, since our customer is king, we ask you to call us and we will find a solution for nearly any request.
Who will pay the exchange charges?
You pay the return shipping charges, we pay the exchange shipping charges.
What is important when exchanging merchandise?
We cannot accept unstamped parcels. In any case we recommend to email or to call us prior to returning goods in order to avoid unnecessary charges.
What can you specially manufacture?
Almost anything. Send us your detailed description with measurements, material desired and a drawing and we will work out an offer for you.
Do I have to add taxes to the prices?
Prices in our shop include all taxes.

Other topics (topics like Models wanted, Banner etc.)
How to become a model?
Kindly send a short email to info@baby-doll.com and you will receive a first detailed information regarding models.
Can I make money as a model?
Yes, you can. Send us an email as explained above.
What is the meaning of AB / DL?
AB = ADULT BABY, a grown-up baby
DL = DIAPER LOVER, a person that loves diapers.
The most famous sexual and abnormal phantasies are those of Mr. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (* 27th January 1836 † 9th March 1895). From his name the term SM originates. Following this logic (of using two letters) the abbreviations AB / DL describe a fetish like shown on this site.